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New!!: 2013 SDS Action Mix & Waterscapes Gallery 2013 SurfDudeSpain Scenic & Action Gallery

I admit I have not been active with updates... Although I have made many photos + videos, they were never enough to make an entire report of it. Well maybe better next year, feliz baño nuevo patitos!

Action Mix & Waterscapes Gallery 2012 SurfDudeSpain Scenic & Action Gallery

Here is a collection of some scenic waterscapes and mixed action photos I shot over the past years... A bit of skate, surf, kitesurf, SUP, windsurf and Mediterranean coast, hope you enjoy it!

SurfDudeSpain Barrel Slamdown Video - 1 Nov 2012 SurfDudeSpain video 1 Nov 2012

The Med was on fire with 2-3 meter waves hitting the Costa Blanca.
Waves were mostly closing out but the dudes didn't mind getting barreled and slammed down.
Hope you enjoy the video & check out the photo report as well!

SurfDudeSpain goes Pinball SurfDudeSpain goes Pinball video

A one minute video with loads of surf action squeezed into it, all made subject to a Skrillex soundtrack, a pinball machine edit

Hometown surf - just good vibes Hometown good vibes

I've put this video on Facebook earlier this year to share with my mates. Now on YouTube as well. It is not about how well we surf, it's about people learning, enjoying and sharing those hometown waves with nothing but good vibes

Fiesta del Mar - Moraira Fiesta del Mar video/commercial

This is the extra video I made besides the official 3 event video I am working on for the Townhall of Moraira/Teulada: Kayaks, SUP, surfing dogs and good vibes!
-> Special thanks to Jean Félix for the soundtrack 'Mary-Jane'! (www.Jean-Felix.de)

Canon 7D Watershoot 2011 compilation Canon 7D Watershots

Here is a compilation of photos I shot this year with the Canon EOS 7D, Tokina 11-16 mm and polarizer filter in a waterhousing (besides a few of them). Some scenic, surf and jellyfish shots, hope you enjoy it!

November Surf Photos November Photo Report

Some new photos I shot at 2 different spots at the Costa Blanca, not a huge swell but surely lots of fun. Soon more...

8 October Surf Photos 8 October Photo Report

Some photos I shot of the latest surf session on October 8th. I'll start shooting video once it gets XXL...

8 March Surf Video Video - Hometown Surf Session

A rare east swell with waves upto 2 meters allowed the dudes to surf a different spot this time...   

Executive SUP video Executive SUP video

Surfing the SUP on tiny waves with a different outfit...   

January-February Video! Surf Video

A new SurfDudeSpain video of 2 sessions. The bigger waves were closing out but the small waves left more room to play. Hope you enjoy it 

My side project... RogierScholte.com

Allow me to promote my other project involving video & photography in a broader sense. The website is still under construction, but you can get a taste of my 'other work' by checking out my latest timelapse video at RogierScholte.com


Webcams online and working October Surf Report

I have updated and extended the webcam section. So now you can check the main beaches of the Comunidad Valenciana form north to south


15 December Photo Report October Surf Report

Some nasty and messy waves, strong current and low temperatures. Still good for some shots during my short stay at the usual spot


Mid October Surf Video & Photo report October Surf Report

3 days of waves at the usual spot. Many were closing out so I decided to make more photo than video footage, anyway, hope you enjoy them


31 August Surf Video 31 August Surf Video

Warming up for the winter. Small wave session with little power, filmed with the watercam at 120 fps. Looks promising for bigger wave sessions


GravityCartel Opening Party - video GravityCartel & 4YOU Youth Hostel opening party

Here's a video showing the vibes at GravityCartel's inauguration party on June 26th at the 4YOU Youth Hostel in Calpe.
Some SUP, skate and scenic shots


Few test videos... Superslomo kitesurfSuperslomo surfSuperslomo windsurfSlomo HD surf

Some vids I re-edited using 'pixel motion' software allowing me to create some extreme slow motion clips (almost too much)

As I only publish 'official' reports on my site, I recommend joining SurfDudeSpain at FaceBook for those random shots and short vids (like these) I occasionally publish there.


9 + 10 March Surf Video & Photo report!8 January Surf Session

The waves were too big at the usual spots, however surf was possible with wrap-around waves at different spots. I filmed HD at 60 fps with the Canon EOS 7D so make sure you watch the movie in HD mode and full screen

15 January Surf Video8 January Surf Session

Another surf session with 2 meter waves and the usual riders. I tried to film in the water armed with a tiny Mickey Mouse bodyboard but didn't last more than 15 minutes, lesson learned... So this video I shot safely rom the shore

8 January Bodyboard/Surf Video & Photos8 January Surf Session

A big north-east swell came along with the snowy weather! Mostly bodyboarders were out there as it was tough catching these fast barrels.
Hope you enjoy my video & pics!

12 + 15 December Surf Video & PhotosSurf Session

2 surf sessions this week at 2 different spots, filmed close-up and with slow-motion settings from the water with a waterproof housing. I even captured a fish flying over Niko's head during his take-of...
Check out the 2 videos & picture report!

8 November Windsurf Video22 October Surf Session

Heavy winds and many riders in Denia (Paquebote) on the 8th of November. Here's my slow motion footage of some forward, back and push loops. Enjoy the movie!

22 October Surf Video22 October Surf Session

And just after I finished last week's video, another surf session!
The morning started with waves of over 2 meters, then the strong offshore wind reduced them to 1 meter. A different spot this time, with some new riders.

New: GoPro Watercam Video, various angles...SGoPro angles video

After a few slow motin videos, I thought it would be time for something more upbeat. Here's a compilation of all the angles I could think of for the 'GoPro Hero' camera attached to the kite, windsurf, boom, footstraps, SUP, kayak, helmet, etc.... Turn on your speakers and enjoy the ride!

SurfDudeSpain Movie at CinemaSurf Valencia I!SurfDudeSpain at CinemaSurf Valencia I

I would like to say thanks to all the people attending the Film Festival "CinemaSurf Valencia I" and of course thanks to the ones coming especially to see my short movie. It was great to get all the positive feedback!
For the ones who couldn't make it to the festival or wish to see it again, it can now be seen at this link!


SurfDudeSpain is also proud to anounce that it has won the photo competition,
this picture has been elected by the visitors.

Executive windsurf, business as usual?Corporate windsurf

Just to show that I haven't forgotten about the windsurfers, here's a little warmkeeper... a quick windsurf session in my corporate wet-suit, serious business...


Downhill Skateboarding IIWatercam test video

We're taking action filming to a higher level! Downhill surfing the curvy roads near Pedramala with a fish-eye camera attached to the skateboard. Check out the video and feel the speed!!!


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